Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BSU soccer in Costa Rica - Post 1

BSUBeavers.com and Bemidji State Athletics invite you to join the BSU soccer program through the eyes of Maria McLeod as the travels internationally to Costa Rica Aug. 6-14 .  The junior captain will make regular posts here to keep all fans and followers up to date on the advantures of the team.

Costa Rica 2013 - Pretrip training camp

Seventeen girls, 10 practices, six days, two coaches, one trainer and a million emotions have finished the preseason training prep camp for our trip to Costa Rica. We have had exciting practices that show our team's potential for success in Costa Rica as well as for the 2013 season. However, this trip is not just about soccer. This trip is about gaining an experience and memories that will never be forgotten.

The opportunity our team has been given to travel to a foreign country is unimaginable yet imaginable at the same time because it is actually happening. Six months ago the thought of taking 28 passengers to play at a competitive level versus a professional national team seemed challenging but we did it! And we are so glad! Our trip is ready to begin and, as most girls can attest to, we are ready.

Thank you to all of our donors and participants that supported our fundraisers and donated to our trip. We are hoping to touch the lives of those who live in Costa Rica as you have so graciously touched ours. This trip would not be possible without your support and we want you to know that you made the difference in getting our team there. Thank you for this opportunity!

If we could say one word to describe our feelings right now for this trip it would be, "ready, anxious, excited, woohoo, antsy, nervous, thrilled, curious, scared, eager, adventurous, courageous, shocked, prepared, content, sweet, Pepto Bismol." Needless to say we're geared up to go!

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