Monday, August 12, 2013

BSU Soccer in Costa Rica -- Post 4

After leaving Punta Leona, we headed for the rainforest about four hours away. We were able to stop at a garden about half way that had a beautiful display of flowers designed in the words of Costa Rica with a star. The view was gorgeous! For miles all the eye could see was mountains. It was such a peaceful landscape. I felt so much serenity and, at that point in time, I was truly thankful for this life God has given me.

We finally reached the rainforest hotel with about an hour until our departure for our game. However, we had a bit of a hold up. The bus needed a hose fixed in the engine so as you could imagine this seemed like it was going to be a challenge but lucky for us we have Johnny! Johnny has been our awesome bus driver for this trip and he literally got under the bus for about 25 minutes and fixed it himself. We're lucky to have him because he has gotten us safely around Costa Rica and is there to protect us.

We were pretty late to our second game but there was a drive in our team that pushed us out of that obstacle. We barely warmed up but at kick off we were ready to go. It was a great game and opportunity to play the San Carlos professional team and we were able to come out with a W! It was fun and the other team was excited that they got to play our team. The coach had mentioned that out of the three American teams their team has played, we made them feel the most uncomfortable. So if you're wondering, that's a good thing haha! It was an amazing stadium and thrilling because the premier men's league plays their home games at that stadium.

We're all fairly exhausted from the day and tomorrow is even busier with white water rafting and traveling to the hot springs! Sleep well beavers, sending love and hellos from BEAUTIFUL Costa Rica!

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