Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BSU Soccer in Costa Rica - Post 2

Day One

We finally landed in Costa Rica at 2:30 pm Minnesota time! Waking up at 4am made for an interesting morning seeing as how we already had a nine-hour day by the time we landed. However, that did not seem to matter. Adrenaline, perseverance and excitement pushed the BSU women's soccer team through our first day in Costa Rica.

After landing we made it through customs and immigration especially quickly and surprisingly smoothly. Once we reached the Wyndham hotel lunch was served and let me tell you, that was the only thing on our minds. We ate a filling and delicious lunch while also getting a presentation on what we should expect from our trip to Costa Rica.

The group we are playing soccer through has been a tremendous help and is always there to assist us when we need it. We learned today that Costa Rica is the "Happiest Country in the World' according to the United Nations so we are expected to bring our happiness back to the BSU community.

Following check in, we had our first training and it was a beautiful sight. The city in the background was an amazing sight, and as most of us would agree, it was great to play on some shorter grass.

Most of us are all extremely exhausted from the day and cannot wait to be asleep by 10 pm Costa Rica time. Tomorrow is a busy day with our first friendly game which may not be so friendly as we learned this national team competes at a very high level and is training for the World Cup to be held in Costa Rica.

Day one = complete. We made it and as twitter says, "There is no turning back now!"

Check out what the team was saying about day 1 on Twitter

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